Aligned with the latest communication trends, all businesses, small, medium and large, have their own presence in social media.

But the element that will make a company stand out is the forefront of a place where posts, hashtags and comments are often trivial and indifferent. Youtube deserve the title of “Social Media King” at this level. Entrepreneurs and marketers very well know that YouTube offers a different, direct and interactive mean of communication and visibility.

With 14 years of presence and using Adobe Flash Video and HTML5 technology, it has become the “expert-leader” of audio-visual applications. And who hasn’t searched Youtube, even if they don’t have personal accounts on social media. From movie and music videos to amateur video (also known as video blogging), the user can find everything he wants in just…seconds.

And is there any smart marketer who doesn’t want to make his services and products famous in the most direct and intimate way? Youtube DOES EXACTLY THAT! From a recreational platform, it has – rightly – transformed into a “king” of social media, especially in Greece. It is considered to be the most popular mean of social networking!

In addition, along with Instagram it has become for a lot of people their core profession (the so-called YouTubers). The smartest move that a businessman can now make, on the social media, is a Youtube channel with a consistent presence. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn look somewhat outdated and static compared to the real-time Youtube world that notes impressive numbers in watching live streaming events and interviews.

The path to the top is one and the steps following the simple steps:

1) Make the first impression -> This requires a good channel configuration as the branding of the channel page is your mirror.

2) Connect your main website to the YouTube channel and share your videos with your other social media -> Create a whole network around your business.

3) Use the correct tags -> Go ahead by playing the “search” game.

4) Be creative and inventive with the videos you upload on your channel -> Become what you dream of for your own business!