Congratulations to Aris Dimitrios Tzimas for being included in the "Data Experts 40" list!

Aris Dimitrios Tzimas, the Mining Officer of Nextcom, is among the 40 most influential figures in data management, analysis, and utilization in the Greek business world! 

Congratulations to A.D. Tzimas and the entire team for their work on achieving this result! 

Here follows his interview in the Special Edition of Netweek: 

“Teamwork makes the dream work!”…

…An idea may originate from one person’s thought. However, what will realize it and give it value, so that it stands out among countless others, is, among other things, collective work. If I have to highlight one of the achievements of the last year, it would be the development of a platform that started as a simple internal tool aimed at improving the productivity of the accounting department, thanks to the dedication and work of the team, from architecture to development and maintenance of the platform, ended up being integrated into the entire group, with about 200 users daily. The platform has acquired multiple modules to serve all departments of the Group, PM, HR, Finance, etc., with interoperability between departments and real-time production of values at both Performance and Management levels. The platform continues to evolve and adapt for the future, reflecting the company’s commitment to innovation and the collaboration of its technology team members. 

“Data is king…because it drives decisions and innovation in our digital world”.