Collaboration between Enterprise Greece and NextCom: Promoting healthy eating through frozen seafood at global gastronomic events.

NextCom, in collaboration with Enterprise Greece, the organization responsible for promoting the Greek economy and entrepreneurship abroad, participated in a series of events to promote Frozen Seafood, which gained significant recognition and success.

Enterprise Greece, as part of its statutory obligations to promote Greek products, investments, and exports, has implemented the “Frozen Seafood Promotion Program” in cooperation with NextCom. The aim of the program is to strengthen the consumption and exports of Greek frozen seafood by building positive perceptions and a positive image regarding their quality, safety, and contribution to a healthy dietary habit.

Specifically, Enterprise Greece’s participation at the renowned Balthazar restaurant with Chef Peskias was an excellent opportunity to showcase Greek culture and seafood products. Chef Peskias, with his skill and love for creative use of seafood products, offered a unique culinary experience to the restaurant’s guests.

Balthazar’s customers had the opportunity to enjoy creative dishes made with frozen seafood sourced from the Greek fishing industry. The addition of seafood products to the restaurant’s menu added a touch of high gastronomy and provided a new and distinct culinary experience.

The collaboration with Chef Peskias brought renewed interest and a professional vision to the Frozen Seafood program. The partnerships between the renowned chef and Enterprise Greece have been a remarkable opportunity to promote Greek culture, gastronomy, and traditional seafood products at the international level.

Furthermore, Enterprise Greece’s presence in Riyadh established Greek gastronomy and frozen seafood in the Middle East. Riyadh is one of the most dynamically developing culinary destinations, with a wide range of restaurants and events that attract visitors’ attention. Enterprise Greece’s participation in Riyadh created the conditions for promoting Greek gastronomy and the fishing sector in one of the most dynamic markets in the region, highlighting frozen seafood as the first choice for nutritious ingredients and culinary value.

In addition, the participation of the Frozen Seafood program in the Pan-Hellenic Pediatric Conference at the Grand Serai in Ioannina was a significant opportunity to promote frozen seafood and, by extension, the value they provide to children’s nutrition. The presentation included rich material, and experts attended to provide information about the benefits of consuming seafood products in children’s diets.

The Pan-Hellenic Pediatric Conference served as an important forum for doctors and other healthcare professionals specializing in pediatric care. The presence of the Frozen Seafood program at this important conference raised awareness about the importance of healthy nutrition and highlighted frozen seafood as the safest choice for children. Conference attendees had the opportunity to learn about the benefits of frozen seafood and their significant contribution to children’s health and development. The presented frozen seafood options provided an easy, quick, and healthy solution for families who wish to include seafood in their own and their children’s diets.

These actions have contributed to the promotion and recognition of Greek frozen seafood, both domestically and internationally, highlighting its quality, safety, and nutritional value. The collaboration between NextCom and Enterprise Greece has been instrumental in achieving these successful outcomes.