Exploring the Greek Islands with Biro

As summer approaches, the Biro, the new 100% electric city vehicle, is making its way to the Greek islands. The Biro brings a fresh breeze of renewal and innovation, becoming the perfect vehicle for island exploration. With its blend of sophistication, convenience, luxury, and flexibility, it offers drivers comfort, safety, and a sense of ease, as it can be effortlessly parked anywhere.

Biro in Paros

From Naoussa to Paroikia, and from Paroikia to Pounta, the Biro embarked on a captivating journey across the beautiful island of Paros, captivating the attention of both locals and tourists alike. It has become a recognizable symbol in many European capitals, leaving a lasting impression wherever it goes.

Biro in Crete

In just a few days, the first Biro will arrive in Crete! The largest island in Greece eagerly awaits the arrival of this small electric vehicle, diving into the world of green energy and micro-mobility. Imagine the sheer beauty of taking a Biro ride in the harbor of Chania, witnessing the mesmerizing sunset over the horizon. It’s an experience that perfectly blends innovation, sustainability, and the stunning natural landscapes of Crete.