The constant evolution of marketing is a fact. Most businesses are looking for innovative strategies to advertise their brand with the ultimate goal of selling their products or services.

A relatively new marketing trend that all businesses have started to follow is called “Green Marketing”.

Green Marketing is the sale of products or services, highlighting their environmental benefits. World-class brands are becoming more and more aware of “green” in their products, not only for environmental awareness, but also for the big profits that such a strategic plan brings, as social responsibility is demonstrated and expenditure is reduced (packaging, transport, energy / water use, etc.)

If your business has started treading on the road of “Green Marketing”, then you need to know that the significance of such a change is the strategic planning that you are following. Social Media and traditional Media are the best way to communicate your “green” message.

Green Marketing is not only about promoting products or services with environmental characteristics. It includes trademark modification and changes in the production process. This is a different perspective for marketing, which aims to satisfy every consumer, and as a result to the success of every organization or business. So, how much “green” is your business?