Internet of Bins: Proper solid waste management is everyone’s responsibility

Next Com SA in cooperation with the Municipality of Metsovo implements the Greece – Albania cross-border project: “Joint Initiatives for Smart and Sustainable Municipal Solid Waste Management” and acronym “INTERNET OF BINS”.

The eligible CB area presents the following problems:

  1. insufficiency of environmental infrastructure in terms of its type and quality / functional characteristics,
  2. low penetration of innovative approaches and solid waste management applications locally

as a result, the quality of life of the inhabitants and the characteristics of the tourist product and the general urban profile is affected in various ways.

Given the above conditions, the need to redesign the solid waste management approach has been identified in the light of the transition to the era of “ecologically smart cities”, a direction which Next Com constantly supports and highlights…

After all, the ultimate goal of the project is to upgrade the capacity of solid waste management through the adoption of innovative sustainable waste management models at a local reference level.