Innovative Approaches to Alternative Tourism

The conference on “Innovative Approaches to Alternative Tourism: Highlighting the Results of the ‘TheRout_Net – Thematic Routes and Networks’ Project” was successfully concluded by the Region of Epirus on Tuesday, December 12, in Ioannina. The conference, focused on alternative tourism, served as a platform for dialogue and presentation of the outcomes of the project, which is part of the European Territorial Cooperation Program ‘Greece-Italy 2014-2020.’

The main objective of the project is to promote alternative tourism in the Region of Epirus through the creation of thematic routes and networks. The conference provided an interesting overview of the project results, offering valuable opportunities for the exchange of ideas and experiences through workshops and discussions.

Nextcom played a significant role in the conference by providing essential technological support. With Nextcom’s contribution, interactive workshops and lively discussions were organized, enhancing the presentation of the project’s outcomes. Nextcom’s technological expertise in the field contributed to the effective promotion and reinforcement of alternative tourism in the region, creating prospects for a sustainable and educational travel experience.