Kapachim S.A., with consistency towards its customers for responsible and timely information on all developments at the European level and the new legislative framework concerning chemicals and cleaning products, organized the second consecutive informative seminar in the city of Thessaloniki.

The actions of Kapachim S.A., carrying the central message “Our chemistry, your forward thinking”, aim to prepare collaborating businesses in Greece for the new realities of a green transition, requiring planning, initiatives, and determination.

In his opening speech, George Papaioannou, Managing Director of Kapachim S.A., emphasized that the changes promoted by Europe in sustainability and environmental footprint in the production of chemical products are rapid, and we need answers not only for “what” needs to be done but also “how,” so that an entire industry can achieve goals for climate neutrality.

Theodore Stathopoulos, Chief Sustainability Officer of Kapachim, pointed out that there are developments ahead of us that we cannot ignore if we want to see things from a realistic perspective. The EU already has the strictest legislation for chemical products globally, and now is the right time to adopt sustainable strategies with mutual benefits for the environment.

At the event, co-organized with Interkapa LTD, a member of the Kapachim S.A. group based in Northern Greece, acting as the commercial arm of the parent company, experts and representatives from well-known companies in the cleaning and detergent industry attended. Speakers from Sustchem SA, Areti Voulomenou QPPV, Regulatory Compliance Team Leader, Apostolos Skarlatos, Vice President, Sustainability Team Leader, and Aris Gkorgias from Green Trust Engineering & Consulting held presentations that captivated the audience.

Noteworthy were the references to future practices that will apply to the ecological design of products, which now have their own “passport” (product passport) in the form of a QR code on the packaging, containing all the necessary information about its production and ingredients.

The presentation, which took place at the Porto Palace hotel, was followed by a dinner where the hosts of Kapachim S.A. and their guests had the opportunity in a relaxed atmosphere to discuss and exchange views on the requirements and opportunities that eco-design & sustainability will bring.