Nextcom organized the first Kapachim S.A. corporate event on sustainability

The latest developments at the European level, regarding the new legislative framework concerning chemicals and cleaning products and the challenges that the new green agreement entails for the entire industry, was the subject of the information event of Kapachim S.A. for its customers.
“The changes promoted by Europe are rapid and we have to stay ahead of them,” said George Papaioannou Managing Director.
With the central message “Our chemistry, your forward thinking”, Kapachim launched a series of actions starting with this event to prepare its customers for the new data and challenges, for a green transition that requires planning, initiative and determination.
Thodoris Stathopoulos, Chief Sustainability Officer pointed out that “There are developments ahead of us that we cannot ignore. The chemical industry, in the face of the climate crisis, must have a substantial role that will have as its goals a toxic-free environment, climate neutrality and cyclicality”.

The event was attended by special partners and executives from well-known companies in the detergent and cleaning products sector, some of whom made notable references to the future practices that will apply to the ecological design of products, which will now have their own “passport” (product passport) in the form of a QR code on the packaging that will contain all the necessary information about its production and its ingredients.
The presentation took place in Balthazar’s event hall, followed by a dinner with dishes curated by Chef Christoforos Peskias and wine pairing where the hosts of Kapachim S.A. and their guests had the opportunity in a relaxed atmosphere to exchange views on what was discussed.