NextCom: Project winnaar in een competitie georganiseerd door het Aartsbisdom van Athene

Every year millions of people travel to religious destinations, while globally billions of people have religious tendencies and are potential tourists of this kind.

In Greece, with its multitude of religious monuments, pilgrimage sites and attractions, it is no coincidence that religious tourism is one of the most important forms of tourism and attracts thousands of people from all over the world.

Religious tourism includes, apart from pilgrimage tours, activities such as conferences and events related to religion. It also includes a wide range of activities aimed at highlighting historical sites, traditions and religious anniversaries.

NextCom is very pleased to undertake the project entitled “Development and operation of a mechanism for the promotion of activities of the religious cultural heritage of the historic centre of the city of Athens”, which is being developed by the Archdiocese of Athens. NextCom takes advantage of its many years of experience and stands by the effort to promote the religious heritage of Greece and, by extension, its cultural identity.

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