Olympic Brewery and MYTHOS ICE: The disruptive collaboration that conquers the beaches of Attica in the rhythm of NextCom & CGC.

Olympic Brewery in collaboration with NextCom & CGC are conquering the beaches as part of the impressive advertising campaign for the emerging beer, MYTHOS ICE. Throughout the summer, approximately 30 events have been scheduled in various Beach Bars, each offering unique experiences and activities for their visitors.

The advertising campaign of Olympic Brewery kicked off on June 11th at the renowned beach bar Bolivar in Alimos, where a spectacular event was organized, surpassing all expectations and attracting the interest of many people. The event welcomed around 300 attendees who enjoyed gifts, activities, and the newly established MYTHOS ICE beer.

Additionally, a second event took place on June 25th at Nossa Club in Anavyssos, with a participation of over 250 people. On July 1st and 2nd, three similar events have been scheduled simultaneously. Bolivar will host another impressive event on Saturday night, while the next day, two events will take place in Vavrona and Zoumperi.

Each event offers a unique atmosphere inspired by the Beach Bars of Attica, combining the unbeatable taste and enjoyable character of MYTHOS ICE beer. Visitors have the opportunity to discover the refreshing world of MYTHOS ICE and enjoy unique activities and surprises, such as live music and DJ sets, themed nights, and contests. Additionally, each visitor has a chance to win various prizes with the purchase of MYTHOS ICE beer, such as a cap-fan or a bucket with 4 beers and a towel, adding extra value to their experience.

NextCom and CGC, in collaboration with Olympic Brewery as part of the advertising campaign, provide flawless service, as special attention has been given to the construction and setup of each event. For the needs of the events, the companies utilize their entire available fleet, including trucks and trailers, for transporting and setting up the materials according to the location and nature of each event. Furthermore, they have taken on the comprehensive management of the events, starting from the recruitment of promotional teams to serve the visitors, ensuring smooth operation and seamless execution of the events.

The collaboration between NextCom, CGC, and Olympic Brewery for the promotion of MYTHOS ICE beer represents an innovative and impressive approach, aiming to create a positive response and enhance the recognition of MYTHOS ICE beer.