Additional services provided

Exceptional services, extraordinary experiences.

Additional services provided

Exceptional services, extraordinary experiences.

The ZK Real Estate Development is a dynamic company that offers a variety of real estate services, both nationally and internationally. It is active in various specialized services, such as property management, capital markets investment and real estate development, as well as protection consultation.

We maintain the tradition of excellence in our services while keeping pace with modern developments, steadily gaining a reputation for developing projects both at the national and international level.

Trust the excellent protection of your vehicle in its safe and well-designed Next Safe Park parking spaces, any moment of the day.

Having highly trained staff, we serve the needs of our clients, with particular emphasis on courtesy and speed round-the -clock. Our premise is covered with a state-of-the-art monitoring circuit, providing full security to the vehicles it hosts.

Demo Power operates in the Communication and Public Relations field, offering integrated services to support and develop the business activities of each client, with multiple solutions regarding the provision of human resources.

Having at our disposal unique human resource detection, attraction and evaluation mechanisms, we provide our clients with staffing services customized to their needs, contributing significantly to the integration and consolidation of their brands and services.

Hometel Greece combines flexibility with no compromises on quality, allowing the tenant to adjust the lease term according to their needs.

In the light of the current challenges and conditions, we simplify the complicated rental process, regardless of budget duration, by offering affordable solutions with the highest quality.

“Lead the future”

The new 100% electric city vehicle with its small size that offers ease of movement and flexibility on the roads, turning every journey into a pleasant process.

All that, in a unique combination of comfort, safety, economy and environmentally friendly driving.