The Philatelic and Postal Museum is being digitized, preserving its history and cultural heritage

The Philatelic and Postal Museum, with the assistance of Nextcom, is undertaking a significant digitization project, integrating culture into the world of the 21st-century digital reality. Through the co-funded ESPA program, the museum aims to preserve and showcase the rich postal history of the country.

The project involves extensive digitization processes, including document scanning and specialized photography of objects, surpassing 85,000 shots. The result will be a comprehensive digital museum accessible to all citizens, as well as the educational and academic community, offering rich historical exhibits and knowledge that shaped the postal history of the country.

The contribution of Nextcom is crucial to this endeavor. Thanks to its specialized expertise, the secure digitization of museum material is carried out, while simultaneously contributing to the creation of a digital display space that ensures easy access and recognition of the museum’s cultural heritage. This promotes global visitation and the dissemination of the history housed in the Philatelic and Postal Museum.